We believe that

change is a good thing.

We're excited to announce that

MALVI is evolving and expanding,

offering holistic design and communication services

as of September 2015.

Why and how we're expanding


We have always pursued our lifelong passion about designing
stuff that really works.

The fact is that we're naturally built to design, so we've been secretly creating absolutely anything that can be designed or communicated, no matter what its "label" might be. We have now made that official.


adding more skills and expertise
to the team, in order to pursue this passion even further.

We are now fully equipped to create stuff that works in even more fields than before, particularly in 6 specific areas that we love:

Brand / Space / Services / Communication / Image / Product


An interdisciplinary, holistic design ethic.

A company's brand, space, services, communication, imaging and products can only be treated effectively by following a borderless, collaborative design approach. We apply design thinking to every project as a whole, focusing on the desired end-user's experience.

We also have a WORKSHOP where we create fun stuff for ourselves, but more on that soon.

So who’s doing this? And where?


We've brought in
new talent
to help.

3 new faces have joined MALVI's core team, specialising in the areas of communication and branding, photography and video, online advertising, and architecture. You'll get to meet them soon!


We've set up a
new base in London, UK,
and we're also launching a
brand new office in Thessaloniki, Greece,
where we've always been based.

#WHAT'S NEXT (aka launch Party)

MALVI's new space in Thessaloniki is coming up in December, along with a fresh website.

Want to know when the fun part starts?

We'll make sure you don't miss our new website or the launch party at the office

We'll send you an email when the website is live and we've set a date for the party - you don't want to miss it, do you? (We won't spam you, we don't do that.)

So, where can I see your work?


Until we launch the new website, take a look at what we've been doing in the past few years.

So, this is us. Internally, we like to call ourselves the New MALVI. To you, we're an evolution of the design agency that you already know, now with added goodness.

Let’s keep in touch :)
You can drop us a line at
hello [at] mal-vi.com
and we'll be sure to get back to you.
Want to call instead? Try reaching us at
+44 (0) 20 8133 4733
(London, UK), or
+30 2313 252252
(Thessaloniki, GR) during business hours, 9am - 5pm.

For press enquiries you can reach us at press [at] mal-vi.com

Until we set up our London base and rebuild our offices in Thessaloniki, we 'll still get anything you need to send at
1, Maria Callas St. — 546 45 Thessaloniki / GREECE
This is the official relaunch hashtag. Feel free to use
to talk to us (or about us) online.

I'm good, I just want to see MALVI's portfolio.